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People Do Not Stop Being Individuals As They Age

At Bourne, Noll & Kenyon, we understand how an individual’s legal needs change as they age. Living life to the fullest may mean making certain modifications if a person has not prepared for their golden years. Our attorneys treat all people as individuals, no matter their age. Our goal is to help our clients and their families make the transition into their senior years without losing their rights, their assets or their dignity.

Attorney Joanne M. Sarubbi is a Certified Elder Law Attorney or “CELA”. She is one of a select few attorneys in the United States who has received this distinction from the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF), an approved certification in elder law by the American Bar Association. The NELF certification acknowledges an attorney’s in-depth knowledge and dedication to excellence in the field of elder law. Together with our team, Joanne offers the premier counsel and advice you need to make informed decisions so you foster your best life.

Concerns People May Need To Address In Their Later Years

There is no set age for elder law planning. More adults are living strong, healthy lives and have full mental capacity well into their 90s. Others may become vulnerable at a younger age due to genetics, sudden illness or accident.

No matter your age, our elder law practice comprises compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys. We have experience in a wide swath of issues specific to matters that the older generation – and their family members – may need to resolve. We can help you with:

  • Review of Admission Agreements for facilities such assisted living, skilled nursing and continuing care retirement communities
  • Preparation and filing of Medicaid applications for long term care at home and in facilities
  • Planning for individuals and family members who are receiving government benefits
  • Estate planning (wills and trusts)
  • Life planning (durable power of attorney; medical care directives)
  • Planning for disabled and special needs family members
  • Guardianship and conservatorship applications
  • Administration and management of trusts and estates
  • Long-term care planning including asset protection methods
  • Prescription drug issues (including PAAD)
  • Retirement (public and private retirement benefits and pension benefits)

We will help you understand the options available for your specific circumstances and goals.

Extending Care To Vulnerable Loved Ones

Guardianship and conservatorship are legal concepts used to protect the very young and the very old, and are sometimes confusing. Both are matters of interest to millions of Americans who are searching for a way to be responsible and loving, but they require the help of the law.

A common error is using the family attorney to arrange guardianships and conservatorships. The process can be complex, difficult and emotionally taxing. It is important to hire a lawyer who is skilled in this particular area. At Bourne, Noll & Kenyon, our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients understand the various forms of guardianship and conservatorships under New Jersey law. Our attorneys have not only handled numerous matters involving incapacitated persons but are often appointed by the courts to serve in the role of guardians and attorneys for the incapacitated person.

Understanding The Legal Instruments For Ensuring The Care Of Those With Special Needs

A guardianship involves much greater control of the protected individual’s situation. Protected individuals must be unable to take care of themselves, and this must be certified by physicians. Some guardians make medical and personal decisions for the individual. Other guardians only make financial decisions. Very often, one person keeps guard over both aspects of the protected person’s life.

Compared to a guardianship, a conservatorship is a simpler concept. Conservatorships are established by the court to manage finances directed at the individual, who may not be mentally incapacitated but needs more powerful protection than a simple power of attorney provides. Conservatorship does not get into the area of decision-making regarding medical or personal issues.

We will work with you through the entire process from obtaining the doctors’ certifications, give proper notice to all interested parties and present your case to a judge. We can also help you establish a special needs trust to protect and provide for the child or another loved one who requires medical care so that they continue to receive much needed government benefits.

Contact Us For Peace Of Mind

Our experienced team looks forward to answering your questions and helping you create the legal instruments you need for peace of mind. If you are caring for your loved one who is unable to make their own decisions, our attorneys will help you safeguard their independence to the extent possible. Call us at 908-277-2200 or reach us via email.

*Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation