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Our Estate And Trusts Administration Team Can Help You Facilitate Probate And The Administration Of Estates And Trusts

Handling the administration of a loved one’s estate can seem overwhelming. How is a Will probated?  What if a disgruntled beneficiary files suit to contest the terms of the Will? When the work of the executor is done, how should he or she wrap up the administration of the estate? What tax returns need to be filed with the Federal or New Jersey taxing authorities? Is there any way to minimize the taxes which may be due?

An executor of an estate or the trustee of a trust may not be openly disclosing information to a beneficiary.  In such a case, what rights does the beneficiary have? What are my rights? Why is it taking so long for the beneficiary to receive his share? Why does counsel for the estate or trust refuse to answer my questions or take my calls?

These are just a few of the issues that may arise or questions you may have. We know the answers and can help.

Our experienced attorneys will meet with you to collect the information about the estate or trust to properly advise you. We will then provide a “roadmap” of the tasks and actions to be taken to administer and conclude the estate or trust administration. Having this information and access to knowledgeable attorneys who are with you every step of the way will relieve the stress involved in this process and aid you to properly handle your duties as a fiduciary.

As counsel for a beneficiary, we will assure that you know your rights and receive your fair share of the Estate or Trust.

Key Estate And Trust Administration For Clients Throughout New Jersey

Bourne, Noll & Kenyon provides these estate and trust administration services:

  • Probate of wills and representation of individual and corporate fiduciaries as executors and trustees and guardians, and handling all administrative aspects of estates and trusts
  • Handling the appointment of administrators of an estate when there is no Will
  • Handling all phases of the administration of the estate, including valuing assets, selling and/or transferring assets
  • Representing beneficiaries in their claims against an estate or trust, including the review of accountings prepared by the executor or trustee
  • Preparation of accountings for executors and/or administrators of an estate or for trustees of a trust and then representing the executors, administrators or trustees to settle those accountings with beneficiaries
  • Representing trustees of testamentary (activated after you die) and inter vivos (activated while you are still living) trusts
  • Representing beneficiaries of trusts to ensure that their rights are being protected
  • Representing fiduciaries and beneficiaries both defending and prosecuting actions in contested litigation relating to wills, trusts and estates.
  • Actions and proceedings to contest wills, and to construe and reform wills and trusts.
  • Preparation and filing of federal estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax returns.
  • Preparation and filing of New Jersey transfer inheritance tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of federal and state individual income tax returns and fiduciary returns for estates and trusts
  • Representation of individuals and fiduciaries before federal and state taxing authorities on audit of selected returns

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